The Wedding Package
• 8 Hours Coverage
• On-location Portrait Session
• Styling Recommendations
• 200 High-res Artistically Edited Digital Images
• Shoot Online Gallery
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Engagement Shoot
• On-location Portrait Session
• Two Changes of Attire
• Two Locations *
• 50 High-res Artistically Edited Digital Images
• License for Unlimited Personal Use
• $200 Print Credit
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• On-location Portrait Session
• One Change of Attire
• 90 Minutes at Location of your Choice *
• 50 High-res Artistically Edited Digital Images
• License for Unlimited Personal Use
• $100 Print Credit
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frequently asked questions
General Questions

Q: How long have you been a photographer?
A: Emily Vonx learned film photography in college a really long time ago, and has been in love with photography ever since.  In 2003, she became a professional portrait photographer and shot her first wedding. She hasn't slowed down since. Shortly after that, she began assisting other experienced professional wedding photographers around Chicago. She's been a professional working artist for almost 20 years. If you’d like a referral, just ask.
Q: What is your photography style?
A: Our photography style is vibrant, bold, and natural. Our philosophy is that your images don’t have to be perfectly posed -what we focus on is capturing the moment as we see it, in hopes that it will bring back a real memory. One thing we love about working with people is really getting to know them... your personalities and your motivations - and figuring out how to tell that story in the images that you’ll keep forever.
Q: Do you travel outside of chigago?
A: Emily Vonx Photography is based in Chicgao, however our photographers will travel nationally as well as internationally to photograph your wedding.
Q: when should we hire your services?
A: We advise clients to book early to avoid disappointment, so retain us as soon as you have confirmed the date and secured the wedding venue. Note that holidays and special dates are very popular so they tend to get booked very early.

Q: Is it necessary to do an engagement session?
A: We highly recommend doing an engagement session although it’s not absolutely necessary. But we'd say the time we spent doing the pictures together acts as a rehearsal for your wedding day. You’ll not only get amazing pictures after the shoot but we’ll also get to work with each other so the wedding day will go as smooth as it can be!
Q: How long will our engagement session be?
A: It can be anywhere from 1-3 hours. Anything less than 1 hour is way too short and we found 2 hours is just about right. With this timeframe you’ll also get to go multiple locations and change an outfit or two.
Q: how much posing instruction do you give during your engagement session?
A: Our goal is to capture as much candid pictures as possible (the moments shot), however, there will be times I’ll pose you two to get the shot you are looking for. Don’t worry, We’ll keep constant communications with you two and make sure you both look and especially feel great
Q: we're not sure where to go for our session, can you give us some ideas?
A: For sure! We have a list of places we can recommend to you.
Q: What do you recommend to wear?
A: We are not fashion experts, but we recommend wearing solid color clothing. Stay away from heavy stripes or patterns and any holiday color combinations. In other words, just treat it like you both are going on a date!
The Wedding Day

Q: What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?
A: We are storytellers. Our photographers approach to wedding photography begins with a consultation in which we sit with you and discuss your interests and style. During this meeting we get to know you better by listening to your story and observing your body language and connection. This way we can uncover subtle details about your story and better understand your preferences and dislikes. This gives us a chance to deepen our knowledge of your tastes. We then incorporate these details into photographing your wedding day to produce amazing results.

It is our belief that a wedding photographer is more than just someone who shows up at your wedding armed with camera equipment. Our photographers do whatever is necessary to capture the best story for each couple.
Q: who will photograph my wedding?
A: Me of course! However, I always have a second photographer with me for full weddings and I may even bring a lighting assistant as well. This allows us to catch a different angle or capture something going on with the groomsmen while I'm working with the bride or vice versa.
Q: Do you bring back up equipment?
A: Yes, absolutely! All of our equipment is professional grade cameras and lenses. We have backups for our backups. Don't worry, we won't miss anything.
Q: Do I get the copyright to my wedding pictures?
A: The photographer retains the 'copyright' to all the photos, but you will have the rights to print the images, make copies, and share them online. You're covered for everything you'd want to do with the images.

Q: What kind of images should I expect?
A: We tend to take a mix of loosely posed and lifestyle type photos during each session. We absolutely love capturing emotion! During family portrait sessions, you can expect photos of the whole family, siblings together, individual shots of each child, parents by themselves, etc. Please let us know in advance if you have something specific in mind! Each image will be hand edited and shown in color and black & white, and when you purchase digital images, you will receive a color copy and a black & white copy.
Q: When should our session take place?
A: For outdoor portrait sessions, we prefer to schedule in the late afternoon or early evening for the best light but we can make almost any time of day work! Maternity clients should schedule between 32 and 36 weeks, newborns should be photographed within the first two weeks, and babies and children are best photographed around meals and nap time routines!
Q: can I include a pet in my session?
A: Sure! We love animals as long as the location permits it.
Q: how long after my session will I receive my images?
A: This depends a lot upon the season you and your family were photographed as well as the type of session that you had.  The Fall and Spring are busy months and you can typically expect your fully edited images back within three weeks of the date of your final shoot. Your sneak peaks should be expected within a week and your final images within three weeks.
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